I’m an independent Ecologically Regenerative Designer and Teacher, and although the business is my own, with each project I employ local growers, and providers of seeds, plug plants, materials and passion.

My approach

I create custom-made designs for gardens, farms, and landscapes as well as educational programmes to teach you, step-by-step, how to realise your design. My design work is not purely landscape designing: I integrate Permaculture and Ecosystem Restoration principles in order to make the management of your land ecologically and socially stable as well as economically viable. I also just teach, even if you don’t have any land, or rooftop garden to speak of. I’m more than happy to share examples of our work elsewhere in order to demonstrate by proof of principle. 

My design + education work is intended to empower you, to know your land, to reimagine your place within the ecosystem, and to know how to go on and continue to manage that place in an ecologically and socially responsible way.

How it works

I offer different packages according to the scope and size of your project. I can help you with just the design, with the design and implementation, or just teaching. I offer remote, hybrid, and in-person services, and I’m able to design and teach in English, Italian, French or Spanish. I also offer a continued monitoring and research programme that aims to optimise management and build on the evidence base of the effectiveness of regenerative techniques.

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