The Work

My design + education work is intended to empower you, to know your land, to reimagine your place within the ecosystem, and to know how to go on and continue to manage that place in an ecologically and socially responsible way. 

The importance of Ecological Regeneration

Why Ecological Regeneration? As Human beings we have, on the whole, been pretty destructive when it comes to our environment. Outside Indigenous and Earth-respecting traditional cultures, we’ve treated the Earth as an endless pool of resources at our disposal. We’re now, painfully, realising that this kind of relationship is deeply unsustainable, and therefore, we need to concentrate on regeneration.

Permaculture and Ecosystem Restoration

There are many independent sources of knowledge and systems to have a healthy human-nature relationship. Two that I have taken special interest in are Permaculture and Ecosystem Restoration as they are currently taught and researched. Both systems of design-thinking take into consideration not only the health of the ecosystem in question, but also the needs of the humans who co-habit.

My passion for Education

I believe very strongly in empowering people to make the changes that they want to see in the world. For this reason I offer education as part of my recommended design package, as well as offering education on it’s own. I’m also in the process of recording my very own educational podcastPeople in the Landscape.

Examples to take inspiration from

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