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  • Mini Urban Food Jungle

    Mini Urban Food Jungle

    This project was London-based lawyer Arani Chakrabarty‘s. He wanted to explore growing food in his shared garden. In less than 5 months we were able to transform the least-looked after bottom of the garden into a veritable food jungle! In this design we focused on compost and mulch, creating shelter and collecting rainwater (since the garden hasContinue…

  • Urban Patio Garden

    Urban Patio Garden

    This was creative couple’s Aly and Mike’s project. These two busy parents run TrueBear TV amongst many other creative projects. They wanted a low-maintenance and evolving design for their small patio garden involving areas to entertain and have their children and dog run around in. Since the design was conceived they had their first child,Continue…

  • Allotment-style Community Garden

    Allotment-style Community Garden

    This project was conceived, designed and taught remotely for biotechnology company Takeda, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The building and maintenance of the garden involved a group of 57 employees. From conception to completion the project took 4 months, and now they are in their second year of growing. You can see the finalised design below.

  • A children’s nursery learning garden

    A children’s nursery learning garden

    The project was London-based Montessori-style nursery Playhood‘s learning garden. Due to the garden being used as an extension of the nursery also during the winter months, by the time we came to do the design, the lawn had been turned to mud, and therefore the folks at Playhood decided to lay down fake grass. The resultingContinue…

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