I charge different rates depending on the SIZE and SCOPE of your project, here are the factors that will be taken into consideration when quoting you a project price:

To start off I will ask you if your project is:

  • Personal: this would be for a personal garden or plot
  • Shared: this would be for a garden or plot that you share amongst 2-3 people or families
  • Community: this would be for a not-for-profit community or school project
  • Business: this would be for a for-profit-owned project (the project itself doesn’t necessarily have to make money)
  • Landscape: this would be for any plot above 15 acres

You will then be asked which package you would like: whether you want a Just Design, Design & Realisation by Education, Design & Realisation by Contractors, or Just Education package.

The only other factor that will influence the rate that you’re quoted is whether I will be working with you in-person, remotely, or a blend of both, as the cost of travel will also be taken into account.

For any queries on the rates, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing hello@disenyami.com

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